Sunday, 17 February 2008

Sociopolitical responsability & Kosovo

I'm originally from Bosnia and I am in no way a supporter of serbian nationalism, BUT as an educated person I cannot support the independence of Kosovo. Nor should anyone with any sense of sociopolitical responsibility. Giving Kosovo it's independence is like sending a signal to all separatists all over the world that they should pick up their guns andcontinue their struggle regardless of international law, national law or anything at all. So if you are an immigrant or an ancient minority in a country ANYWHERE in the world, just pick up a gunand start shooting at people and a couple of years later the European Union and the USA will give you their support. No more tiny ethnic states in the Balkans! Serbia is Serbia, Bosnia is Bosnia and Croatia is Croatia. People do not have tofear each other or antagonize each other. The year is 2008 and we should start erasing national borders, NOT CREATING NEW IMAGINARY ONES!!
Addi Svarogic , Bosnia