Sunday, 1 April 2007

French culture

Todo extranjero que haya vivido en Francia (el tiempo que sea) ha pasado por este mismo momento que describe Stephen Clarke en su libro "A year in the merde":

"I was invited for dinner to Jean Marie's place. It was lucky for me that Jean Marie had found me a hotel so close to his apartment, because that Saturday, the Paris transport workers went on strike.
And what was the strike about? Job cuts? Safety standards? No.
The unions were furious that the gouverment had been rumoured to be thinking about considering the possibility of maybe looking into purely theoretical concept that it might one day (not now but in, say 80 years' time) be less able to pay for transport workers to retire at 50.
Wow, I told myself, let's go to the transport company HQ this very instant to get a job application form.
Dammit, though, I couldn't get there - there was a transport strike".

Comme c'est beau la France!