Sunday, 4 May 2008


In a couple of months I will be heading to Fiji.
This sentence, read isolated, sounds normal - even banal-. Who didn't dream to go to a Pacific island each time you pass by a travel agency with a big poster of a palm tree and a wild beach on it?
Well, let's be honest, the idea of spending your holidays in Fiji is not exceptional nowadays so, if I would say to my friends "In a couple of months I will be heading to Fiji", the most common reply will be "Ah, yes? and with whom? Club-Med? Nouvelles frontieres? Are you renting a bungalow in the beach?"
But, indeed, the idea behind the "Fiji trip" can't be more far away from that.
After almost three years working in the development field, my boyfriend finally got the post we were dreaming about: he'll work on infrastructure programmes in Fiji (ie. building roads, bridges, etc in most sustainable way)
Working on development policies "in the field" has been our dream for too long time. And going to Fiji has been a fantasy since I was a child. I still remember the long hours in my room watching pictures about far-away countries and dreaming to live there one day. My "traveller-spirit" is part of my personality since I dare to remember. And now, finally, we got the opportunity to travel to the "antipodes". What else can I traveller ask for?.
I still remember myself at the geography class discovering that the Spain's antipodes are sited in New Zealand. My God! The other side of the planet! It would be a dream to see this place!
And, voila... 20 years later, I'll manage. I'll live near the antipodes! (I will have to write this sentence hundreds times before I start to believe it!)
This morning, I discovered this site: and, to continue feeding my travel spirit, I discovered that the antipodes from Suva are on the north of "Tumbuctu", a legendary traveller's goal.
Is it a signal? Is destiny telling me that it's time to travel, to fullfil dreams? Is it time to move on?