Monday, 9 April 2007

Hay otros mundos, pero estan en este

I'm completly crazy about photography. It's the only thing that gives me strength and motivation these days.

I spend my days taking pictures, checking in Internet other people's pictures and, above all, searching information on photojournalism courses.
My dream is to leave my job and to spend one year studying photojournalism. Afterwards, my idea is travelling around the world just taking pictures, writting, learning languages and meeting people from all around.
I would love to have the strength to do that. I would love to be able to do it instead of going every morning to a job I don't like and dreaming every night on what I would like to do.
I would love not to be afraid of instability.
I would love not to be afraid of the future.
I would love not to be afraid.

The Master I dream to do: MA in Photojournalism, University of Wesmister

Site I have just discovered and that gives me the strengh to leave my house and take pictures. Take pictures of everything. Art is all around. Everything changes depending on the perspective, the attitude you adopt
I love what this guy's doing. He's living my dream